Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tagged By Eric With The Dreaded Blog Pox

I guess this should have been a post, not left in the comments. I'll never entirely get my head around this internets thing. Eric's list is a little more illustrious, he was always the smart one. :)

1. I think we were at the same concert in 74. Was it the one where Aerosmith played backup to Deep Purple? Deep Purple sucked after hearing Aerosmith, Deep Purple's stupid smoke and light show notwithstanding. Aerosmith had Dillon Stadium shakin!

I remember the crowd hollering "Bring back those Boston guys!" Nobody had heard of them before.

2. I rode a camel at age 4 and dug up skulls at age 11. Fun being a military brat. :)

3. Candace Bergen patted me on the head once and told me what a cute boy I was. I was 5, she was 11, it never would have worked out.

3. Was a supernumerary with Connecticut Opera for 5 years, they are now defunct after 67 years in operation. Stoopid bastages....

4. Had a used bookshop for 3 years pre-internet. Most fun employment I ever had that didn't make money.

5. Made drinks for Frank Sinatra Jr. and Professor Peter Schieckle aka PDQ Bach when I tended bar at a hotel. I used to bring in my own CDs to play in the bar, played Stump the Band with Frank and his entourage. They guessed most everything, except when I played Arthur Prysock. No one in the band got it. Frank guessed Billy Eckstine first, then he got it the second try. Frank Jr. is a very generous tipper. :)

6. Came back from Oklahoma after 7 years with only 5 adopted dogs to show for it. One was so mean I had to have a fence installed that cost $9,000. Now my nice rolling property resembles a compound.

7. I weigh the same and have the same waist size now as when I was in high school. Thanks mom!

8. I once worked as a drug and alcohol counselor. I think I was more effective when I tended bar.


Rita Hennessey said...

I weigh the same and have the same waist size now as when I was in high school. Thanks mom!are you thanking Mom for good genes, or being a bad cook?

Charles said...

Haaaay...what was so bad about mom's cooking? We were carbo loading!

I do feel lucky to have her metabolism. :)

Eric said...

I didn't know you were at that show in '74! Me and Bill went...Aerosmith wasn't even on the card for that night and as I recall were brought in at the last minute in place of another opening act. Funny story: about 20 years later, Melissa comes back from shopping with a friend holding out a CD saying "Dad, you gotta listen to these guys!" It was Aerosmith's 2nd or 3rd "comeback" CD. The look on her face when I told her I saw them when I was 14 was priceless.

Oh, and I had Mom's metabolism...until I turned 40.

Charles said...

You became the ultimate cool dad at that moment. :)

Aerosmith took off like a rocket after that show and Deep Purple kind of faded away - I wonder if the Dillon concert was the catalyst for that....

Regarding the metabolism - I'm 52 and still got it. :)

Charles said...

Yes Eric, I've maintained the weight, but I get a little creaky at times. Takes awhile to limber up sometimes. Definitely approaching early geezerhood here. Feel better now? :)