Friday, May 15, 2009

Hoyer Throws Pelosi Under The Bus

From Jules Crittenden

>>Steny Hoyer, the guy Pelosi didn’t want for number two when she was pushing that libelmongering pork-enthusiast Murtha, on the House floor re Pelosi’s current woes. Politico:

Rep. Cantor: “I share with the gentleman the notion we need to follow the law. But if there is somehow a belief, and I’d ask the gentleman whether he shares this belief, that somehow the CIA or others have intentionally misled this body, because that seems to be some concern that has been raised today? And I yield.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: “I have no idea of that, don’t have a belief of that nature because I have no basis on which to base such a belief. And I certainly hope that’s not the case. I don’t draw that conclusion.

So Hoyer has no basis on which to base a belief that the CIA has misled Congress. He certainly hopes that’s not the case. He doesn’t draw that conclusion.

That sounds a lot like the sound you hear when a House Speaker gets thrown under a bus.


Eric said...

Hey Chuck...your turn for the Filthy Blog Pox.

Charles said...

Oh geez.....OK I'll bite.

1. I think we were at the same concert in 74. Was it the one where Aerosmith played backup to Deep Purple? Deep Purple sucked after hearing Aerosmith, Deep Purple's stupid smoke and light show notwithstanding. Aerosmith had Dillon Stadium shakin!

I remember the crowd hollering "Bring back those Boston guys!" Nobody had heard of them before.

2. I rode a camel at age 4 and dug up skulls at age 11. Cool to be a military brat.

3. Candace Bergen patted me on the head once and told me what a cute boy I was. I was 5, she was 11, it never would have worked out.

3. Was a supernumerary with Connecticut Opera for 5 years, they are now defunct after 67 years in operation. Stoopid bastages....

4. Had a used bookshop for 3 years pre-internet. Most fun employment I ever had that didn't make money.

5. Made drinks for Frank Sinatra Jr. and Professor Peter Schieckle aka PDQ Bach when I tended bar at a hotel. We got all the big stars.

6. Came back from Oklahoma after 7 years with only 5 adopted dogs to show for it. One was so mean I had to have a fence installed that cost $9,000. Now my nice rolling property resembles a compound.

7. I weigh the same and have the same waist size now as when I was in high school. Thanks mom!

8. I once worked as a drug and alcohol counselor. I think I was more effective when I tended bar.