Sunday, August 30, 2009

Buycott to support Whole Foods

Some reactionaries have been in a dither over John Mackey's op-ed in the WSJ, so much so that they are now boycotting Whole Foods. Mackey puts some excellent ideas on the table, he doesn't even mention, let alone criticize, the President or the 4-5 plans that are being drawn up in various committees. I'll bet a lot of people couldn't get past the opening quote by Margaret Thatcher and stopped reading right there. I read somewhere the title of the piece was selected by WSJ editors, not Mackey. I thought we wanted an open and vigorous debate, apparently some folks think otherwise.

So in reaction to their reaction, some Tea Party people are organizing a "buycott" of Whole Foods. I shop there on occasion, I'll have to make it a point to do so more often.

Gateway Pundit

Michael Pollan says "I’ll still shop at Whole Foods"


Eric said...

Wait a second. Aren't we the reactionaries? You know...capitalist running dogs, imperialist lackeys and all that?

Charles said...

My blog, I get to pick the nomenclature. :)

So what would be a better term for these idiots? Fever swamp ideologues?