Sunday, August 2, 2009

An astonishing admission

Sally Quinn will soon find out who her real friends are.

"Now, here's my own disclaimer about not having all the facts: I don't know anything about Crowley, except that his colleagues seem to support him and that he once taught a class for fellow police officers on racial profiling. But I do know about Skip Gates. What nobody will say publicly, for fear of being called a racist, is that he is notorious, especially among many of his colleagues (black and white) at Harvard, for being short-tempered and arrogant. I have had personal dealings with him in which his behavior was not honorable.

Saying that may get me in trouble. Gates is the moderator of The Root, a website owned by the Washington Post Company. I suspect that Don Graham, my boss and the company's owner, will now be forced to have us over to his home to reconcile over a cold one. (Note to Don: My favorite is a Greek beer called Mythos.) But I'd welcome that opportunity, and I hope I would have the courage to use it to speak honestly about how I felt."


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