Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda, a martyr for the revolution


Twitter feed on Neda.

Neda's passport photo

The gunman, who was "hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house, aimed straight [at] her heart," said the video's poster, a doctor who made a desperate bid to help.

Heroic people are laying everything on the line, and we say nothing. I don't count Obama's tepid statements as saying anything.

Wolf Howling says "The regime, concerned that the basij and IRGC may balk at killing their unarmed countrymen - people whose sole sin is to protest the corrupt regime - is importing Hezbollah from Lebanon and Hamas from Gaza to form seperate basij units. They speak arabic, not farsi."

And these people are fighting them with rocks.


Eric said...

Geez...this woman was Melissa's age.

Charles said...

It's been reported widely she was a "teenager", but I've read in a few places that she was a 27 year old student majoring in philosophy.

Prime of life, promising future....cut down by a cowardly sniper who singled her out, probably for being a woman and dressed "Western."

If Obama wants to side with the Mullahs, fine, but in the meantime the American people need to support the freedom fighters!