Monday, May 14, 2012

Bodies of Easter Island’s famous heads revealed

The head statuary of Easter Island is instantly recognizable to people all over the world, but who would have guessed that, lurking beneath the soil, these famous mugs also had bodies? The Easter Island Statue Project Conservation Initiative, which is funded by the Archaeological Institute of America, has been excavating two of the enormous figures for the last several years, and have found unique petroglyphs carved on their backs that had been conserved in the soil. Their research has also yielded evidence of how the carvers were paid with food such as tuna and lobster, as well as clues to how the enormous structures were transported.

more at the Easter Island Statue Project


Anonymous said...

Could I most respectfully suggest that, whether or not their sculptors regarded them as sacred, you do not describe these remarkable works of statuary as "mugs"?
Valerie, New Zealand.

Charles said...

point taken :)