Monday, April 16, 2012

Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions

The lintel depicts Lady K'abal Xook, the wife or consort of Shield Jaguar III. She holds bloodletting apparatus in her left hand, and also supports a skull in her outstretched right hand,.as she gazes up at a spiritual being conjured out of the otherworld. The entity wears a militaristic costume directly associated with Teotihuacan, including a tláloc face mask and mosaic war helmet, and also carries a shield and a spear pointed at both ends. The identification of this militaristic entity is debated. Martin and Grube (2000:125) have suggested that this represents Shield Jaguar III himself, as defender of his city. Yet the associated caption text suggests that this may represent Lady K'abal Xook herself, transformed into the guise of a Teotihuacan-related goddess. In any event, the date is the same as Shield Jaguar III's accession (known from other monuments), and probably takes its rationale from his elevation to the throne. from The Peabody

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