Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fearing the Phase-Out of Incandescent Bulbs

In design circles, an energy law has sparked anxiety and stockpiling.

>>BUNNY WILLIAMS, the no-nonsense decorator known for her lush English-style rooms, is laying in light bulbs like canned goods. Incandescent bulbs, that is — 60 and 75 watters — because she likes a double-cluster lamp with a high- and a low-watt bulb, one for reading, one for mood.

Darren Henault, a New York decorator, is stockpiling silver-bottomed bulbs.

“Every time I go to Costco, I buy more wattage,” Ms. Williams said the other day. She is as green as anybody, she added, but she can’t abide the sickly hue of a twisty compact fluorescent bulb, though she’s tried warming it up with shade liners in creams and pinks. Nor does she care for the cool blue of an LED.

It should be noted that, like most decorators, Ms. Williams is extremely precise about light. The other day, she reported, she spent six hours fine-tuning the lighting plan of a project, tweaking the mix of ambient, directional and overhead light she had designed, and returning to the house after dusk to add wattage and switch out lamps like a chef adjusting the flavors in a complicated bouillabaisse.

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love the girls said...

I haven't researched the answer, but I suspect there probably isn't a single LED manufacturing plant in the US.

Charles said...

I suspect you are correct. All the CFLs come from China.

I sense a significant black market opportunity here. :)