Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Six-Year-Old's Pumpkin Stand Threatened With Closure by Idaho Tax Authorities

Jacob and Sami-Lou Charais, six and four years old, respectively, have run into a little trouble with the Idaho State Tax Commission.

The two children were attempting to raise money to participate in wrestling, T-ball, and dance programs by selling pumpkins in front of their home in Normal Hill.

That is, until Patrica Gilmore, a state tax compliance officer, got wind of the burgeoning criminal enterprise, and told Jacob and Sami-Lou's mother to get a license, or be shut down by the state.



DeanO said...

It's insane - at local fares it's kool-aid stands and now the pumpkin stand. Mercy

Charles said...

Understandable if it was New Jersey or California, but IDAHO?? I guess petty bureaucrats are the same wherever you go...