Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boston Milk Party

A Boston Milk Party is being staged on Monday, after a failed attempt by ag officials to ban farm buying clubs. Activists are convinced the battle is not over.

The Organic Consumers Association ... plans to stage a colorful, Raw Milk “Drink In” outside Monday’s hearing. A cow will be brought downtown to Boston Common, and a group of concerned citizens will stage fresh milk Boston Tea Party. California dairyman, Mark McAfee, and Wisconsin filmmaker, Max Kane, are making the cross country trek to be there and remind Massachusetts that they are the cradle of liberty and that this is a national issue.

The revolution will not be pasteurized!


Organic Consumers Association said...

RSVP for the Raw Milk Drink-In:

Send a letter to MA Dept of Agricultural Resources Commissioner Soares:

Charles said...

Excellent - thank you!