Friday, April 30, 2010

Mary Lou Sullivan discusses her soon to be released biography of Johnny Winter

>>Author Mary Lou Sullivan has spent close to seven years working on a biography of Johnny Winter that will hit bookstores in May. And Raisin' Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter (Backbeat Books), promises to be one biography that's worth the wait.

Sullivan sat with Winter for hours of anything-goes interviews, and Winter obliged with a treasure trove of intriguing insights: memories of his earliest days in Texas; his fabled appearance at Woodstock; his affair with Janis Joplin; his days as an arena headliner; his sad descent into addiction; his renewed commitment to his blues roots; his role in the triumphant resurrection of Muddy Waters' career... and so much more.

What emerges is the story of a true rock n' roll survivor, a legendary guitarist who has spent four decades on a seemingly endless rollercoaster ride -- and lived to tell the tale.

Mary Lou was kind enough to provide readers of with a sneak preview of what's in the book, and she has my sincere thanks.

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Order the book here. Act now! Raisin' Cain - The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter

Ms. Sullivan used to write for The Hartford Advocate - support local writers!

A friend once had the privilege of driving Big Walter Horton around Boston when he played there for a few days. According to my friend, one observation Big Walter made on Johnny was "He ain't no white man, he's an albino."

No one could shake a stadium better than Johnny in his prime

Johnny started as a bluesman, went rock for awhile, now he's doing blues again.

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