Saturday, March 6, 2010

Archaeologists find crucifixion-style nail from the time of Christ

A 4-inch crucifixion-style nail dating from the time of Christ has been discovered in an ornate box at a fort that may have been a stronghold of knights who occupied Jerusalem during the Crusades, The Daily Mirror reports.


The newspaper quotes Christopher Macklin of the Knights Templar of Britannia as calling last summer's find "momentous."

He said evidence the nail had been handled a lot "indicates it was of great interest to many people" and that he believes the original Knights Templar thought it was a genuine artifact from Christ's crucifixion.

USA Today


Lloyd said...

I have always been interested in Christian history, particularly if it has anything to do with verifing the truth of the Bible. I will be interesting to see how this find pans out.

I really enjoyed looking over your blog. God bless, Lloyid

Charles said...

Sorry I didn't catch this sooner - thanks for stopping by!