Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eddie Biebel, the best guitar player I'd never heard of


jbiebel said...

Since his Wayne Hancock days, Eddie moved back to Green Bay, WI and cut a CD titled "Rollin' On." He is playing pretty much non-stop with AJ Srubas, a phenomenal young musican and fiddle player. They are amazing together, and they are working on a CD. Check out their website with music and photos at You may contact him via this website, also, and I am sure he would be glad to hear from you. I'll share your blog and post with Eddie. He's my brother.

Eddie and AJ said...

Wow, thanks Charles! You posted that 4 days after my birthday. My sister made me aware of it. You can checkout what I'm currently doing musically at:

All the best to always,


Charles said...

Happy Birthday! Any plans on touring the east coast? I will be picking up Rolling On, thanks for the heads up. Best of luck!