Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simple Men

Hal Hartley's Simple Men is now on YouTube in its entirety. It's in ten minute increments, here is the first segment.

Dance scene from Simple Men. Crank the volume!

This diatribe followed a dinner conversation about such subjects as Madonna, sexploitation and contemporary pop music. Martin Donovan's character didn't fit into the conversation.

The sheriff has an existential moment

Hal Hartley's website


christopher said...

LOL!!! This look stinkin' hilarious. I've never even heard of it, I'll be watching it tonight.

christopher said...

Very enjoyable. I had a friend that was a huge fan of Hartley back in the 90's. I watched Amateur with him but I wasn't that impressed with it. I'm inspired to go and rent the rest of his more recent ones after watching this. Thanks for the tip.

Charles said...

I stumbled across Simple Men on IFC, had never heard of Hartley before that. The only other Hartley movie I've seen is Trust, which I thought was good, but not as enjoyable as Simple Men. Apparently his later efforts are more political, his play 'Soon' deals with the siege at Waco. Wiki says movies made after 1998 are a 'sustained critique of the media industry.'

I'm looking forward to checking out his more recent stuff as well!