Friday, March 27, 2009

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Born to Run


Eric said...

Whew. I was afraid it was gonna be a cover of Springsteen's song.

A couple years ago a song came on the radio and I recognized Emmylou Harris' voice right away and thought the guitar sounded a lot like Knopfler. I thought, nah, no way. Then he started singing and of course there's no mistaking his voice. I had no idea the two had an album out together, so I ran right out and got it. Great stuff.

That song doesn't really show off Knopfler's talent as a guitarist. If you want to see some awesome stuff, get on YouTube and search for mark knopfler and chet atkins. Unreal.

Charles said...

You think I'd clutter the blog with a Springsteen tune? :) Emmylou Harris' version is the ONLY version as far as I'm concerned. I think it was written by a Brit. I hadn't heard of Mark Knopfler until he teamed up with Emmylou, they put an album out together. I will check those clips with Chet Atkins!

Born to Run was on her Cimarron album. This version is more in line with the album version, it's more uptempo.

Eric said...

Never heard of Knopfler? Dire Straits' front man! Though I suppose Dire Straits is a bit too pop/mainstream for you.

The guy is a guitar genius I'd place on a par with any of the modern day legends.

Charles said...

I quit paying much attention to rock at about the time those guys came along. I recall they weren't too bad. That one song that played on the radio had some mean guitar riffs.

Speaking of mean guitar riffs, how about Clarence Gatemouth Brown doing Pressure Cooker? :)